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Rules of game


A team's economic management is a basic aspect to be successful. Possible income comes from the public, sponsors, from TV, from occasional incomes and from interests. The more a team wins, the more supporters will follow it and spend money to secure the seats in stands. Furthermore if a team is successful, also according to the level of his Formula, and if has more copywriters and supporters, the proposals of contract by sponsors will be higher, also according to the compliance with the expectations. Sponsors contact teams when they register and after expiration of stipulated contracts. Starting from Formula 1, the basic offers from sponsors decrease of 10% for each minor Formula. It's at each team's discretion to accept their offers or not. Sponsors' proposals will will concern 4 parts of the car where the most important big names will want to affix their brand. It will be possible to decide whether to receive all the money of a contract in advance without weekly incomes or to receive them distributed weekly. If you decide to receive them immediately, you will have a deduction of 10 % on the total of the agreed amount. The sponsors also establish a penalty, a percentage of the weekly amount actually received by sponsors, if one or both cars don't take part in the race. The percentage of the penalty specified by the sponsor refers to a single car: if both cars don't take part in the race, the percentage of the penalty should therefore be multiplied by 2. Besides sponsors, the largest incomes will come from the public which follows the team directly from stands and from those who follow it at home in front of the TV. In fact a greater percentage of public affiliated to a team will follow the races in front of TV, also according to the compliance with the expectations, paying a subscription to the Grand Prix whose price is due to the championship level to which the team is registered:

I Formula: 30 per GP
II Formula: 25 per GP
III Formula: 20 per GP
IV Formula: 18 per GP
V Formula: 17 per GP
VI Formula: 16 per GP

The minimum amount that the TV companies pay weekly is 30.000 per Grand Prix. Even Television Companies establish some penalties if one or both cars don't take part in the race: 25 % less of the income from TV Companies for each car of your Team that doesn't take part in the race. For a withdrawal during the race, including the stage immediately after the start, no penalty is applied, neither by the sponsors, nor by television. In the economy page you have the possibility to pay money into the bank. The maximum amount of money you can pay appears at the entry "estimated availability".The bank will pay every week a rate of 2.5 % on money which is in the bank. The maximum income from interests amounts to 100.000 (that is from 4 million upwards which are in the bank, the income from interests always remains equal to 100.000 ). When you withdraw the money from the bank you will pay a fixed penalty of 25.000 . The calculation of interest is visible after economic updating.

After qualifications and races there will be some prizes:

Pole position in qualification:

Lap record in race :

F1:100.000 86.000 74.000 62.000 52.000 42.000 34.000 26.000
F2:90.000 77.000 66.000 55.000 46.000 37.000 30.000 23.000
F3:80.000 68.000 58.000 48.000 40.000 32.000 26.000 20.000
F4:70.000 59.000 50.000 41.000 34.000 27.000 22.000 17.000
F5:60.000 50.000 42.000 34.000 28.000 22.000 18.000 14.000
F6:50.000 41.000 34.000 27.000 22.000 17.000 14.000 11.000

At the end of the season some prizes will be given according to placement in the constructors championship and to drivers' placement in the same world championship:

Constructors' world championship

Formula 1400.000 200.000 150.000 80.000
Formula 2300.000 150.000 100.000 50.000
Formula 3200.000 100.000 50.000 30.000
Formula 4150.000 75.000 40.000 20.000
Formula 5140.000 70.000 38.000 18.000
Formula 6130.000 65.000 36.000 16.000

Drivers' World Championship

Formula 1200.000 100.000 75.000 40.000
Formula 2150.000 75.000 50.000 25.000
Formula 3100.000 50.000 25.000 15.000
Formula 475.000 35.000 20.000 10.000
Formula 570.000 30.000 18.000 9.000
Formula 665.000 25.000 16.000 8.000

You must always keep an eye on your accounts and make sure that they never go under the amount of -350.000 .In fact, MyGPTeam offers you a loan which is no higher than 350.000 with a rate of interest of 5 % that you will check in the weekly expenses at the entry "occasionals" after every economic updating. If at the moment of economic updating you find that you are under the amount of
-350.000 you will have a week (till the next weekly updating) to balance your accounts. If you don't manage to resolve your finances you will go bankrupt and you will lose your team. If you want to make an offer for a component or for a driver you must make sure that the estimated availability added to the present pending offers (both in entrance and in exit) never goes down the amount of -100.000 or you will not allowed to carry out further financial movements. The same concept is valid for the other expenses (such as staff hiring/dismissal, rise in investments, change in the circuit, purchase of engineers) that you are not allowed to do if the financial backing will be not adequate, and if the foreseen expense go under the amount of -200.000

Facilitated group
Every week, during the weekly updates, MyGPTeam selects for each Formula of each Country the 30% of Teams with less money considering cash, bank and merchandising stocks multiplied by the price of production. These Teams will have some economical benefits for that week. Only the Teams that have a positive balance (sum of bank and cash> 0) are considered in the selection. Here below are shown the benefits:

- private tests cost: 500 instead of 2.000
- drivers salaries (exclused the saleries offered in the market of free drivers) and engineers salaries reduced by 50 % (during the next weekly update)
- components repair costs decreased by 25%. If you sell the component without repairing it, you will pay the 100 % of repair costs.
- a refund for the destruction of a component produced by your labs: the component will be evaluated according to the market value of the PVI for that type of component in the last week transfers. The update of the market value of the PVI occurs during the weekly update and it is visible on the page of each component.